A few facts about Rehab Craft Cambodia

Rehab Craft is a non-profit, non-governmental (NGO), local, fair trade organization. Core funding for administration and training was originally provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand (MFAT-NZ) as a part of New Zealand’s Overseas Development Assistance Program. By agreement, funding by MFAT-NZ was reduced over time as Rehab Craft became an independent, localized Cambodian NGO.

At this point, our trade activities support a production staff of carvers, sewers and jewelry-makers, as well as an administrative staff that has been promoted from within. Every Rehab Craft employee, including our Co-Directors, is a Cambodian person with a disability. All our earnings are reinvested into our training and employment programs for Cambodians with disabilities.

We pay fair wages for skilled work, and we maintain a staff benefit program to support individual needs. All medical, maternity, paternity, and holiday benefits equal or exceed legal requirements. We serve as a conduit for the distribution of donated equipment such as prosthetics and wheelchairs. We maintain a staff loan program for individual, family or emergency needs. Rehab not only provides an opportunity to earn a fair income, it also provides Cambodians with disabilities a mutually supportive environment. Many Rehab employees have worked at RCC since its inception, and now regard each other as family.

Our board of directors assists us in setting workplace policies, staff entitlements, and making disciplinary decisions. Staff meetings encourage full and open discussion of issues facing the organization, and our board of directors includes an employee member elected by the staff. When funding allows, Rehab Craft runs staff training and development programs including literacy, technical skills, English, computers, retail and marketing, junior- and senior-level management. We train and promote from within.

How can you help support Rehab Craft Cambodia?

Rehab Craft’s core funding comes from the sales of our products. RCC has been independent of major donors since 2004.

However, we gratefully accept donations to assist with our operating budget, to purchase new tools and equipment, to build the capacity of our staff and to improve our facilities.

How has RCC used donations in the past?

In 2000, donations to our organization allowed Rehab Craft Cambodia to purchase motorcycle safety helmets for all staff members and to provide additional workspace for a dozen self-employed craftspeople.

In late 2003, Rehab Craft received a grant of US$10,000.00 from our main buyer, USA in order to recruit a director and to support the financial survival in RCC. For this, Rehab Craft staff sincerely appreciates and thanks in kindly supporting us.

In the mid-2004, RCC received a grant of US$800.00 from a key buyer Taylor and Khoo in Australia for purchasing five sewing machines in order to increase our production capacity. To this donor, Rehab Craft staff sincerely appreciates and wants to thank Taylor and Khoo for their support.

In 2004, we received a grant of US$1,000.00 from Menzies College (La Trobe University, Australia) for renovating our showroom to display our products. Rehab Craft staff appreciates Menzies College and students for kindly supporting RCC.

In 2008, we received a grant of $4,000 from Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) for production assembly training, 3 new industrial sewing machines and wood carving equipment to increase production capacity. Rehab Craft staff would like to sincerely thank MCC for their support.

Please contact us for information on our current needs and opportunities for supporting our mission and vision.

House #50, St.Phlauv, Sangkat Toeuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh
+855 23 882 685 / +855 12 879 314